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Yearly Stock Returns Index
Currently 2,260 stocks, 96 ETFs and 117 stock indexes are included in the Yearly Stock Returns Index.

The Yearly Stock Returns Index (YSRI) shows how an individual stock or major stock market has performed on a yearly basis. The yearly returns are based on the closing price at the end of the previous year to the closing price of the selected year. Over the long term, the stock market has proven to be a very good investment, however from year to year the returns can be very volatile, especially when looking at individual stocks. The Yearly Stock Returns Index calculates the investment returns various stocks have generated for shareholders every year as far back as 1975.

The Yearly Stock Returns Index uses the actual stock prices that a particular stock was trading at during each selected year. The ending price is adjusted if there was a stock split to accurately portray the stock's yearly return. Therefore, when comparing businesspage results to websites that use split adjusted historic prices, you will notice price differences. We believe our results give readers a better representation of a stock's historical returns because we are using the actual prices that were being quoted and used for actual transactions during any given year.
The Yearly Stock Returns Index is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used as the basis of any investment decision. The index only takes into account actual share appreciation adjusted for stock splits; dividends and spinoffs are not included in the yearly returns. In addition, commissions and taxes have not been factored into the total accumulated return as these amounts would vary depending on the stock purchased and the person investing. The Yearly Stock Returns Index values have been calculated by businesspage and while these values are believed to be accurate, errors are possible. Any information contained in the YSRI is property of businesspage. Information in the index can be used for personal use, but it can not be redistributed in any manner (part or in whole), without the written consent of businesspage.

The YSRI is a work in progress, we continue to add more stocks all the time, so if you don't see the stock you are looking for, keep checking for new updates.
DJIA - Dow Jones Industrial Average
SP500 - S & P 500 Index

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